It takes a village to raise a baby. One knee does not bring up a child... One hand does not nurse a child.
— African Proverbs

You Hold Their Hand; We Hold Yours.

We've already done the research for you. Everything from sleeping to sanity is covered in our boxes filled with carefully hand picked items, and delivered right to your front door. We are a team of moms who have already lived through the first 12-weeks and we understand that these are the most trying times. Whether you have a support group of 5 or 50, you can always use things that will make life just a little easier. This is simply that. Plenty Plenty of coffee was consumed during this research phase and while we are very sleep deprived, we are very happy with the results. 

"As a first-time mom, I was instantly in love and equally as terrified from the moment they placed my daughter in my arms. I spent days and weeks researching and talking to other parents to find out what worked best for their little ones. That's how ITAV was born. " Denielle Kennett, CEO for It Takes a Village {and still terrified new mom.} 

Baby Tested, Parent Approved

All items in the baby bundle boxes have been hand selected through rigorous research with moms, dads, nurses, lactation consultants, and (right at the source), the babies themselves. Choose from one of the following:

  1. Breast & Baby BundleOffers items for both baby and mom as they take the breast feeding journey. 
  2. Basic Baby BundleThe perfect gift for moms and dads because the emphasis is more on baby and less on parent. 
  3. Beauty Bundle - A carefully crafted hospital box to get you through the first nights in the hospital.


Our bundle boxes are perfect for moms or dads. If you are looking to buy for a new dad, the Basic Baby Bundle is perfect because it focuses on the baby more than the parent. The Breast & Baby Bundle offers solutions to the early stages of breast feeding, but also nurtures the new baby as well. These are the perfect gifts for a baby shower, close friend, or any new parents who need a little help!