What to REALLY Expect When the New Baby Comes

You've read books, you've asked friends and family, and you've spent countless hours on Google trying to understand the change that is coming your way. We get it. We did the same thing. In fact, all new parents do. The truth is, every baby is different, every parent is different, therefore every experience is different. There are, however, those few things that happen to ALL parents. 

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An Adoption Story - One Mother's Journey into Motherhood

Adoption isn’t a new invention. It’s not a foreign concept to most and I would bet that a lot of folks you know have a family member or two that are adopted. If you, like us, adopt a child who is born addicted to narcotics, your rollercoaster just has a couple extra loops. But just like a day spent at Busch Gardens, the queezy feeling is totally worth it.

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My Family Life, Unfiltered

My family and I were recently part of a lifestyle photo shoot with our photographer. I honestly did not know what to expect from this experience, but as you will see below, the outcome was simply amazing. I absolutely LOVED the realness and rawness behind this shoot and even though I will always love the "planned" photos of my family, this really made me realize what a beautiful mess we all are. 

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5 Things A New Mama and Her Newborn Have in Common

It’s a question every first-time parent asks themselves before leaving the hospital.  “Are they really just gonna let me take this thing home with me?”  Rest assured, you two will get along just fine.  You actually have a lot more in common than you think.  For the first few days or even weeks, you will both be wearing diapers.  To be honest, your diaper change is a lot more involved than the baby.  Never in my life did I think it would take me 20 minutes, a squirt bottle of water, and a hand to hold to take a piss.

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10 Things NOT to Say to New Parents - A Conversation Guide for Non-Parents

We've all been there before. That palm-meet-face moment when you wish you could take back something you just said to a relative or friend, only to remember that time travel is not yet possible and that you are now screwed. Typically, these comments can be excused and marked as ignorance or plain stupidity, but there is an instance where this type of behavior is not excusable. 

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Postpartum Healing Through Your Own Village

The truth is that previous to living in the magical world of efficiency and fast resolutions, there were teams of people caring for expecting moms, new moms, and babies. Midwives, wet nurses, apothecaries, nannies, neighbors... there was a village. 

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Why We Shouldn’t Feel So Pressured by Milestones

It is important that we see our children as a whole and consider all of the skills they have learned rather than focusing on one specific milestone that they haven’t yet reached.  Think of all the ways your baby does communicate.  Applaud your baby for her success in other developmental domains, like gross motor movement and feeding skills.  Be proud of your kid for just being so damn fun to be around.

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Friends Don't Let Friends Parent Alone

It's easy to console a stressed out parent and assure them everything is going to be okay when your own kid is on a well-behaved, healthy streak and you are getting 8+ hours of sleep every night. It's not so easy to offer said advice when you haven't slept in weeks and are about to lose your mind. The trick to solving this give-advice-get-advice-use-advice method is simple: accept the advice you give to others no matter the circumstance. 

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The Terrible Transforming Ta-tas

Mammaries, tater tots, fun bags, yams, sweater puppets, gazongas, boobs, breasts, and hooters.  Like most straight men, at least I think, I have always been a huge fan of the cans. It's one of those admiration and attractions that I thought would be with me for life.  I figured I'd be side-eyeing and cat-calling low-cut blouses into my eighties.  And then, I had a child.

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The Ugly Truth About Pregnancy And Why Your Husband Deserves a BJ

I was recently featured in an article by Babygaga titled, 15 Mom-to-Mom Confessions about Pregnancy, and while it was such a great, on-point article, it made me think more about pregnancy from a different perspective: from the husband's point-of-view. 

You see, for obvious reasons, the mom gets all the attention during pregnancy, and the baby gets all of it after birth. Naturally, this is typically how it goes. So, where does the dad fit into all this? To be honest and fair, he actually doesn't. 

Which is why you should get on your knees and thank him...

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Stop Staring at My T*t@! - A Breastfeeding Journey in the 21st Century

"Why don't you take a picture, it'll last longer!"

"Keep staring maybe I'll do a trick!"

"What the fuck are you looking at?"

These have all crossed my mind and possibly my lips over these previous 12 months as a nursing mama. I am beyond certain that I am not alone in the constant battle between nursing in public (NIP) and bystanders having to "witness" the atrocity that is a mom feeding her child. But, why do I feel like it's still an issue?

Well, because it is. 

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Must-Haves for Breastfeeding in the Early Days

High up there on the list of things people never tell you about pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum is how difficult breastfeeding can be, especially in the beginning. In an effort to break the silence, I’ve been very open about my struggle to breastfeed my son during the first month of his life. Every problem you can think of, we had it: latching difficulties, poor latch, lazy eating, fussy eating, the list goes on. 

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ITAV Described in 10 Simple Steps

So, when we set out to create a community and an easy way to care for your newborn, we didn't think we were reinventing the wheel! BUT, based on some serious feedback and questions, we realized, we may not have been as clear as to what ITAV is, what it can do, and who it can do it for. So, voila! We give you, ITAV as described in 10 simple steps, with some cute icons as well. 

If you are still confused, please, please, please comment below or email us at hello@thefirst12-weeks.com. 


1. We picked the brains of new parents everywhere to find out which items helped them with their newborn baby.

2. This research was repeated until we had a large enough sample size to select our products deemed "newborn necessities." 

3. We then partnered with the top brand names in the industry and made them part of the ITAV bundle boxes.

4. Delivered directly to your front door, in one fast shipment, before baby arrives.

5. These carefully selected products are now available to parents everywhere via the ITAV website.

6. Helping to save time by eliminating the guesswork on which items are needed in those early days, weeks, and months.

7. Helping to save money on items you will need. 

8. Making these bundle boxes perfect as baby shower gifts.

9. As a push gift or as a treat to yourself for being a parent!

10. And since they are baby focused, and not parent focused, they are perfect for Dad, too!