ITAV Described in 10 Simple Steps

So, when we set out to create a community and an easy way to care for your newborn, we didn't think we were reinventing the wheel! BUT, based on some serious feedback and questions, we realized, we may not have been as clear as to what ITAV is, what it can do, and who it can do it for. So, voila! We give you, ITAV as described in 10 simple steps, with some cute icons as well. 

If you are still confused, please, please, please comment below or email us at 


1. We picked the brains of new parents everywhere to find out which items helped them with their newborn baby.

2. This research was repeated until we had a large enough sample size to select our products deemed "newborn necessities." 

3. We then partnered with the top brand names in the industry and made them part of the ITAV bundle boxes.

4. Delivered directly to your front door, in one fast shipment, before baby arrives.

5. These carefully selected products are now available to parents everywhere via the ITAV website.

6. Helping to save time by eliminating the guesswork on which items are needed in those early days, weeks, and months.

7. Helping to save money on items you will need. 

8. Making these bundle boxes perfect as baby shower gifts.

9. As a push gift or as a treat to yourself for being a parent!

10. And since they are baby focused, and not parent focused, they are perfect for Dad, too!