Why it Really Takes a Village to Raise a Baby

From one scared, sort-of-new parent, to all scared parents

If this is your first time to ITAV, then you may not know my back story, or even why this entire website, company, and support system even exist. I am a recently new mom to my Lennon, and although things are easier now, they were incredibly difficult in the beginning. Had it not been for my amazing support group of moms, dads, family members, "breast friends" (as I called my moms I met in my breast feeding support group), and the lovely internet, I would never have made it through the first 12-weeks. Oh, and of course, my darling husband, who I am sure you will get to know very well through these blogs, social media posts, and anything else which allows you a sneak peak into my life.

Anyways, back to why it really Takes a Village to Raise a Baby...

I remember when Lennon was only about 3 days old and my milk had come in. I considered that a small victory of its own considering I had heard so many horror stories about how it might never come, or take too long, etc. Well, by the time it had come in, Lennon was favoring one breast over the other, so the fact that my boobs were now the size of softballs and just as hard, did not make things easier on my teeny, tiny baby trying to latch. Long story short, on or around her third day on this planet, she was nursing from my left boob (the one she preferred), while my husband pumped my right boob, my dogs lay on the floor at my feet, and I cried hysterically from the pain of nursing and overall exhaustion.

This is not fabricated or exaggerated in any way; I promise, from one parent to the next. I thought to myself, this could literally be a billboard for the struggles of new parents. It was then, and a few other incidents following, that made me realize I could not get through this without a support team, or maybe even a small army. Late nights, early mornings, and days that seemed to never end; all would have been a million times worse had I not surrounded myself with a network of people going through the exact same thing, or had recently survived the exact same thing. 

It really does take a village, and I am forever grateful for mine.