Be Baby Shower Ready - A Guide to all Those Gifts

You know, I'm not really sure if there is a "baby shower" season as there is as wedding season. As I write this, I remember mine, in the dead of summer, as I waddled from group to group, thanking them for coming and letting them rub my 8-month pregnant belly. I don't remember much those last couple months thanks to lack of sleep, but I remember the days leading up to the shower and I remember one thing: it was stressful. 

I went with two girlfriends who were already moms and let them lead me through all things baby shower. I don't know what I expected, but I know I didn't expect it to be strenuous and exhausting. Even after my days and days of research, talking to numerous parents, and doing online quizzes, I thought I had my registry list ready. Nope. Sure, didn't. 

Don't fret over your own registry. You have your friends to tell you how miserably wrong you are!

Don't fret over your own registry. You have your friends to tell you how miserably wrong you are!

One of my friends looked at my list and laughed. The other, smiled and said, "cute." WTF does that mean? So, my list was garbage in their eyes and so began the 4-hour registry process.

I could spend the majority of this blog going over in detail what actually made the registry list and what did not. What brands were "allowed" and what ones would most likely kill my baby. Which items that said they were organic were actually organic and which would surely cause a funky skin disease on my newborn (and possibly me). Natural versus dye free versus green versus.. what the fuck were we even buying again?

Instead of going into detail of what I actually registered for, I'll leave you with this: I changed a lot of the items on the registry via the beauty of online accessibility, without the judgement of my friends. Winner, winner. 

So, here I was; a new mama to be with my perfect registry. I thought to myself, "I should win a Gold Medal for how perfect this is. Moms everywhere are going to be so jealous because I have nailed the registry. I have everything I need and I am ready to be supermom!"

Nah, girl. Not even close.

The baby shower came and went. Nesting came and went. And now it was time for baby. She came, we went home. And so began the realization that I, (A) did not have it all figured out; And (B) that I did not have everything I needed. Enter: late night runs to CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart (God bless 24-hour stores).

So, after my baby registry with my friends, and after my editing to my registry, and even after all my research, I still came up short. How can that be? Well, it's because until you go through being a parent, you don't really know that you need. It would be like me telling a mechanic what he needs to build an engine. I've never done it, right? So, how in the bloody hell would I even know where to begin? That's sort of what parenthood is like. As a mom of an almost one-year-old, I'm still trying to figure out how to build this freaking engine. 

So, what are the items you need at a baby shower? Well, i could just tell you to buy one of the ITAV bundle boxes because they are packed with everything you need for a new baby, BUT this blog (for all intensive purposes) is not a sales pitch and will remain as such. I will, however, give you some tips, tricks, and even actual items that will help you sleep at night, that will help your milk supply should you be able to nurse, that will help your sanity, and that will help you overall be the badass parent you always knew you could be. These also may or not me in the bundle boxes...

For Sleep

  • A an easy-to-assemble swaddle of some sorts - Yes, you can use a muslin blanket, but why go through all that mess when they make ones with velcro?
  • A muslin blanket - because they are soft and they have a zillion uses, especially when your newborn sweats like he's running in an Iron Man competition, you will need something between you and him.
  • Sound machine, both portable and in his room - White noise is a white angel when it comes to sleep. There are a ton of options, and even some that come in the shape of cute, soft animals. Also, find an app and download it ASAP for car rides, or loud in-laws. 
  • Baby carrier/baby wearing - There is an actual movement on just this alone, and I tell you, it's for good reason. We called our K'tan the "sleep sack" because when we put Lennon in it, she passed right out. It also helps you get at least one of your hands back to sort of live a normal life. Sort of. 

For Sanity

  • Bibs - Nothing is worse than having to change 7 times before you leave the house, or not being able to change and smelling like sour milk or formula for the rest of the day. It does damage to ones ego.
  • Burp cloths - Just be ready to be shit on, puked on, cried on, and peed on. 
  • Pacifier clip - If your baby takes a paci, then buy the clip. Nothing is worse than having to run to the bathroom to rinse it off or shove it in your own mouth everytime your kid decides to spit it out. 

For Safety

  • Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops - OMG, buy this in bulk. My baby had such bad gas and it wasn't until week 4 that someone told me about this. 
  • Nasal aspirator -  A stuffy nose is just as uncomfortable to a baby as it is to us, but a lot more dangerous. If those little bulbs scare you, then find something you like to help and a nasal aspirator is this something. 
  • First Aid Kit - Just in case. Always, just in case.