Kid-Friendly Online Activities for Rainy Days

Hurricane season is in session for most of us and if you have kids, this can cause cloudy days both inside and outside your home.  Luckily, there are tons of fun educational apps and websites that will keep them occupied for hours. Here are just a few things your child might enjoy exploring online.



If you can’t make it out to the library and their collection of literature is somewhat lacking, have your children download some free ebooks. There is a vast amount of age-appropriate reading material available online. Books they’ve been wanting to read or didn’t even know about are now at their fingertips.  


Not only are there a wealth of fun dance videos that will get your kids off of the couch and moving along, but many of their favorite TV shows have YouTube channels. “Sesame Street” and PBS, for example, offer education-based videos, and they can watch clips and episodes for free. They can even watch live video streams of their local zoo and learn about their favorite animals.


There are a multitude of drawing tutorials available to help teach your child about proportion, various techniques, and how to pay attention to detail. They can also color using a screen or by downloading printables. Your kids can even practice making their own comic book strip to share with friends.


Kids love to build things, and this can be especially fun online. There are a ton of fun apps and games that focus on physics, construction, and design, which gives them the opportunity to learn and practice problem solving. Learning Liftoff recommends engineering-based games, as they “can foster an interest in science and engineering and even teach kids to code from an early age.”


Math can be fun when you learn about it in interactive ways. And, the good news is there are so many sites available to help guide your little one through mathematical equations, word problems, and more. Break through the often heard question, “When am I going to use this?” by using real-life examples, like those found in this guide from HomeAdvisor.


According to The Guardian, “A range of developers have been finding inventive ways for children to explore creative music-making—or the world of music more generally—on tablets and smartphones.” Kids can choreograph dances, make their own music on virtual instruments, and even take lessons or practice learning things like notes, pitch, rhythm, and melody. If your children are musically inclined, consider purchasing a real instrument to play like a saxophone, clarinet, or trumpet. This way, they can enhance their skills with all of the resources available to them online. Are your children too young to learn how to play an instrument and interested in something more hands-on than a musical app? Plexus suggests joining them in a music circle and teaching them about rhythm by turning pots and spoons into kid-friendly drum sets.


Perhaps your children like to get their hands dirty. If that’s the case, they can get crafty online by finding ideas on what to make and instructions or videos that will give them step-by-step directions, like this Elephant’s Toothpaste concoction.

Whatever the activity, be sure to set certain safeguards on your electronic device so your kids can’t make purchases and are only able to access appropriate content. Once these boundaries are in place, they will be free to ask the internet their many questions, as well as research and learn to their heart's content. Despite being stuck inside when the weather is dreary, your children will still have lots of fun and may even learn a thing or two as well.