A Response to "Bad Moms" Everywhere

Are we all "bad moms" or just honest ones? Does going out with friends, or ditching the occasional baseball game classify being a bad parent, or someone who just needs a break? Why do we feel guilty when we take some much needed "me" time This bad mom speaks from experience. 

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Breast Fed, Bottle Fed... Fed Up

What's better, bottle fed or breast fed? Does it really matter when it comes to the health of the baby or the parent?

When did being a parent become so competitive? If you remember my last post, you know that I mention a few times how it's very difficult to not compare your baby's achievements to other babies, and how it can all become so... exhausting. 

So, what is this ongoing debate between bottle fed babies and breastfed babies? Why is there even a line of separation? At the end of the day, isn't it just a matter of feeding your baby?

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