To Scared, new parents, from a Scared, Little-less-than-new parent

Surprise, I'm a new mom, too! My baby Lennon just turned six-months old and it has been the most rewarding/challenging/exciting/terrifying time of my life! 

I remember when I found out I was pregnant, I was beyond ecstatic. I mean, who wouldn't be, right? Here I was, creating life, and I couldn't get over how "cool" that was. Once my husband and I found out it was a girl, we became even more overjoyed; well, I did, while my husband immediately started worrying about boys, and dating, and may or may not have purchased a gun. ;)

When Lennon came into our world, everything changed. I mean, everything. I struggled in the beginning, just as I am sure all new parents do, while my husband seemed like an expert. I doubted every decision I made, I struggled with breast feeding, and literally never slept for fear of everything under the sun. We came, we cried, we conquered... eventually.

As a new mom, paired with a background in marketing, and an obsession with all things simple, I came up with It Takes a Village one late and lonely night during one of my routine breast feeding sessions. While my husband and dogs lay snoring all around us, and me and my baby girl lay awake, I browsed my phone looking for answers for yet another new issue that had come up. Lennon would only nurse on one breast and it was causing quite the, ahem, back-up, if you will. I stumbled across many sites that offered help, texted my friends who I knew would be awake, reached out to family members desperate for answers, and prayed for a solution to just appear... and for my husband to stop snoring.

This became routine for the first few months of Lennon's life; I would encounter a problem, and spend hours trying to remedy it with my surrounding network of new moms, new dads, Google... anything that would help. That's when it hit me that it really does take a village to raise a baby.

In addition to my nightly struggles, I also found myself constantly heading to the store (sometimes just to get out of the house) but mainly for items I didn't get at the baby shower because I simply didn't know what the hell I really needed. I registered for all the "normal" things and while many of them worked, more than a few remained either unopened or in the pile of "failed attempts" as my husband and I called it. Once again, I relied on my trusted group of parents and the internet to get me through it; and by it, I mean the first 12-weeks of Lennon's life.

I remember a close friend of mine telling me, "Denielle, get through the first 12-weeks - the fourth trimester - and you will feel like a new person." She was so right on point, it was scary. I became a new woman, new mom, and all around new person at week 13. Plus, my daughter and I finally clicked, like a couple destined to be together. It felt good. It felt right. It was about damn time!

I hope you find It Takes a Village as helpful as I think you will. You are now surrounded by beautiful new parents, enlightened seasoned parents, and just all around good people offering good advice. The bundle boxes are meant to give you, or someone you know, items to help you survive the first 12-weeks without having to research, cry, and cry again. I already cried enough for all of us. The surrounding network of blog posts, email campaigns, and social media posts are here to keep you in constant communication with your surrounding parents, all while hopefully giving you a laugh and a deep sigh of relief.

Best of luck on your new journey, and trust me, you are about to embark on quite the adventure.

With much love and gratitude,

Denielle and Lennon xoxo

PS - All photos and images taken courtesy of Jennifer Kielich Photography